I worked on the platform and experiences that enables connections between Facebook's 2+ billion users and businesses. My goal was to help Facebook be the safest, most secure platform that prioritizes people’s privacy and control of their data. My secondary goal was to design valuable experiences that help people and businesses connect.

Team: Consumer Identity Experiences + Platform
Year: Fall 2018 - Winter 2020
One product I worked on was Facebook Login which is used by over 650 million people a month. People and businesses around the globe use this feature as it helps them in their everyday lives. For people, it helps them quickly and conveniently create an account or login to an app or website without having to remember multiple passwords. For businesses, this feature helps to greatly increase conversion rates on their app or website.
I worked on maintaining and building trust and value in our product. One way of doing this was by ensuring the security, transparency, and consent of user data being received by a third party. As Facebook has fumbled with this in the past, it was extremely important to our team that we took this matter seriously. I worked collaboratively across research, content, engineering, privacy/legal, and more to ship improvements to our product across all our platforms.