Peloton needed help redesigning their internal AI/ML data platform that supports various product teams within the company. I was embedded into their AI/ML team as the sole designer to rethink from the ground up how the platform can support current data initiatives and scale to support future ones, as well as give it a complete UX and UI refresh. As a project lead, I worked with the team to create project goals, timelines, and success metrics.

Agency: Connected
Year: Winter - Summer 2021
In order to ramp up quickly to the complex product space of AI and ML data, I did an audit and series of user and stakeholder interviews to create a system map and understand use cases (from data collection to model training) and people problems. I led the team on product thinking workshops to help ideate on solving these problems before getting down to the nitty gritty of the actual design solutions.
By creating a space and journey maps for the team to visualize all the various AI/ML data team problems and needs and by then aligning the team on prioritized features (based on impact and effort), I was able to design and create a new vision for a centralized platform that addressed our goals. I was able to test these with prototypes and iterate based on feedback.